Stationery September 10 2014


Who still uses stationery??

Our teachers and brides do!!

Some business owners and professionals also use stationery but it is rare these days. There is nothing like a personal note from someone, in their handwriting to make you feel special or important. I know the last time I received a note from someone who thanked me for a great meeting and looked forward to future business ventures, it left an impression with me. I believe many people feel the same way. Emails and texts do keep us connected but a letter always does the trick on a different level.

Teachers receive many useless gifts at the end of the year. I myself have been guilty of handing over a wrapped ceramic apple. But really, what is a teacher going to do with that? I now go out shopping for teachers and before I buy anything I ask myself, “Would I want that?” and most likely I say to my self, “NO!”

A teacher and good neighbor of mine came up to me one day and said, “You know what teachers always need—stationery!!” Being that I own a custom invitation company, making personalized stationery was very easy for me. So I did and the teacher loved it. That was 3 years ago and when she sees me she still thanks me for it.

Along with teachers, we find brides are also writing notes to thank their wedding vendors or help. A wedding thank you is usually where the handwriting stops. Writing online reviews and sharing via social media are nice, but a hand written note always stays on the desk or in the top drawer.

digho can create any and all styles of stationery for yourself or a gift. Leaving an impression is always more meaningful!