Keeping it simple with a cool modern style September 25 2014



In our last blog we spoke about modern monograms. This week we would like to show you another example of using typography in a simple way and how it adds a cool modern touch to an invitation.


This was the kind of couple that couldn’t wait to spend their lives together. Their happiness glowed and their love for each other was very apparent. When we spoke about the style of invitation they wanted, they pretty much left the entire design up to us. After multiple versions were presented, they realized that having the initial of the family name was perfect because they couldn’t wait to be a family. 


With all that said, they picked an invitation design that can only be described as simple with a cool modern style. The monogram had a flare of typography that is inviting and exciting.


The V initial was also used in the other elements of the invitations: the response card, accommodation and directions cards. Changing the placement of the initial to work with the surrounding copy is key. A good design needs the art to be visible and invisible at the same time.




Once the invitation was out the bride and groom came back for more!! Below you can see the program, favor charity note with envelope along with the escort card.



Detail of the ceremony program.