Which way should we go???? September 25 2014

With so many different apps and gadgets to tell you which way to go, not many people feel the need for a map anymore. At digho we specialize in keeping the tradition alive by creating custom maps that give your guests a visual direction. Our maps come with different icons and symbols to compliment the electronics getting your guests to your event effortlessly.
Each map has a unique style that matches the event invitation. Whether it be a wedding or a communion, the maps are in place for the guests to get a better sense of where they are going.
Different locations on maps can include city blocks with parking options.


This map gives the travelers a good idea of distance from airports and then a closeup visual of the venue location.

Simple lines can help indicate water locations. 

Or a general indication of bridges and tunnels.
Having custom maps is another fun and creative way to keep your invitation completely unified with the events theme.
And if nothing else - grandma will thank you!