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digho at Floras Avenue!!! April 25 2015

This week we would like to highlight and thank Floras Avenue! This wonderful shop if full of real and fake floral arrangements. The florists are trained to design these piece with a unique and beautiful twist. Their style is modern and European which is a fresh combination that makes every centerpiece wonderful. 

Digho is a big fan of Floras Avenue. Whenever a flower gift comes to mind we run right to them. 

We have the please of housing some of our seasonal greeting cards with them. Definitely pick up a card with your new arrangement! 

With mother's day around the conner keep them in mind for colorful arrangements in all sizes.

If you find yourself in town and need a gift for mom or your best friend, stop in and tell them digho sent you! 

233 Main St, Huntington, NY 11743

Cruising through a Bar Mitzvah invitation September 25 2014

This week we would like to step away from weddings and show you some other events that we brand. They can range from a Baptism, gala, Bar Mitzvah or grand opening. Depending on how large the guest list is or the budget, branding is event available in many different styles.
When we met with Sam and his mother to start creating a logo for his Bar Mitzvah, he had a drawing ready for us to run with. His vision was to create a car emblem with his initials. The party was to have the style and feel of exotic cars. The logo/emblem that was made for him stayed throughout the entire event.
As you can see below in his Save the Date announcement. The logo is simple and worked as a preview to the the full emblem. This Save the Date was on black cover stock and all the copy was done with a silver foil, giving the true effect of metal.
When discussing the invitations, the details were very important. There was a custom liner to match the exotic car interiors, the stamps were custom made to match the logo and the addresses were in a circle to match the logo emblem. The invite was a large square with 3 layers and a pocket on the back.


The pocket had the direction and accommodation card (below), along with the response card and envelope.


The logo was later used for all the favors and props that were included in decorating the event. Below you will see keychain, yamaka, and t-shirt.


The keychain was attached to the escort card for each guest.

Later the thank you card had the same style and feel as the rest of the event.


This event was tons of fun for us to do. We loved the excitement the family had about the logo and putting it on everything. Later the photographer was able to place the logo on the cover of the album. Sam was very happy and loved everything.