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digho at Floras Avenue!!! April 25 2015

This week we would like to highlight and thank Floras Avenue! This wonderful shop if full of real and fake floral arrangements. The florists are trained to design these piece with a unique and beautiful twist. Their style is modern and European which is a fresh combination that makes every centerpiece wonderful. 

Digho is a big fan of Floras Avenue. Whenever a flower gift comes to mind we run right to them. 

We have the please of housing some of our seasonal greeting cards with them. Definitely pick up a card with your new arrangement! 

With mother's day around the conner keep them in mind for colorful arrangements in all sizes.

If you find yourself in town and need a gift for mom or your best friend, stop in and tell them digho sent you! 

233 Main St, Huntington, NY 11743

A Very Fairy Sweet Sixteen!!! February 23 2015

No matter what the celebration is, the invitation will be an introduction to the imagination of the host. When we sat down with Jessica, we were shocked at how specific and creative her vision was. Every element of design was exactly how she imagined it - fairy inspired magical garden with flowers and vines. This fairy tale event did not leave anything out. The unique liner, 3 diamonds and 2 layer response card came together to become one of our most creative invitations.

This detail of the invitation shows the 3 diamonds that were placed on the invite. In this image you can see that the invitation was laid out with 3 layer metallic layers and many colors that were all the same tone. Using magenta to highlight the event and the birthday girl's name. The event information was colored purple to blend in with its surroundings. Below is another detail image.

Each diamond is individually hand glued. This entire event used over 200 diamonds.

Above is the 2 layer response card with a pink envelope. Mimicking the invitation with the ornate gate frame. Digho provides the addressing service which means all envelopes are addressed to the guest and response envelopes have the receiver address. This allows all the fronts to be the same, creating a unified look.

To keep the design consistent, the thank you card has some of the art elements.

A Hint of Pink Peeking Out of Our Custom Invitation Sleeve.... February 02 2015

This couple was a pleasure to work with... They gave use their vision and loved everything we could do for them. The idea of a custom sleeve that would have the invitation peek through was a favorite for both the bride and groom the minute we sat down. The love of pink and gray allowed us to capture both individuals with a beautiful elegance. The design ideas started with a modern monogram and then the addition of ornate designs gave the invitation an element to highlight the information. Above you can see the invitation outside and inside the sleeve. Behind the sleeve is the envelope. Along with the invitation, the sleeve held the hotel information, direction card and the response card.

The simple elegant design was then used to create a complete package as the pieces created their entire wedding brand.  Above you can see the seating card design, stickers for champagne bottle and cookie box favors,  a thank you poster that was on display throughout the venue and the front and inside of the ceremony program. 

It is always an exciting journey with a bride and groom when they come to us for advice and creative ideas.  Together we shape a look and then create an array of printed pieces that speak to them as well as their vision of their big day.  The result is always so satisfying for us and gives the couple a sense of pride of all the components presented.

Oui Oui!!! A French Bridal Shower!! January 06 2015

There is no other way to shower a bride that loves Paris then to bring her chocolates and decorate everything in pink!!! This shower invitation was done with a light introduction of Parisian style leaving the event full of the Eiffel Tower and flower buds everywhere. The mother of the bride wanted to do something special with a very feminine feel. Her daughter loved pink and Paris. The invitation was full of hot pink and soft pinks with a base of gold. Each additional piece (Direction card, Recipe card and Advice card) all had elements of design to link them together.

The table number were Paris locations and the escort cards sat on an Eiffel Tower!

The favors were handmade soaps (alegnasoap.com) and wrapped in white tulle with a touch of pink ribbon.

This event had many different ways to keep the invitation design in all the elements needed. It created an very soft Parisian environment that complimented the bride!!

Thank you cards, movie game cards, soap labels and escort cards are shown above in detail.

Dancing with the invite September 10 2014

This week we would like to highlight one of our favorite invitations. It is based on the idea of ballet shoes. The bride was a former dancer and wanted to put that feel through the invitation without it being too obvious.

The groom loved the idea of their names being an element of art in the invite. This modern monogram was a way to keep the invite light and simple. With the right typography, the names “danced” along the top of the invite.
We find that couples love the idea of a wild ornate script font for their names but pull back from the idea in fear of it not being legible. Having the names as art allows them to repeat their names in a print font to assure legibility. It is a nice combination that keeps everyone happy.
They loved the name art so much that they requested a custom liner that would have their initials in the same style.
We worked with them to have a beautiful palette of colors that wasn’t too pink. The final invitation had a light pink color base, gray typography and elements of pink that matched the ribbon.
This invitation also included a response card, reception card, direction card, inner and outer envelopes.

Stationery September 10 2014


Who still uses stationery??

Our teachers and brides do!!

Some business owners and professionals also use stationery but it is rare these days. There is nothing like a personal note from someone, in their handwriting to make you feel special or important. I know the last time I received a note from someone who thanked me for a great meeting and looked forward to future business ventures, it left an impression with me. I believe many people feel the same way. Emails and texts do keep us connected but a letter always does the trick on a different level.

Teachers receive many useless gifts at the end of the year. I myself have been guilty of handing over a wrapped ceramic apple. But really, what is a teacher going to do with that? I now go out shopping for teachers and before I buy anything I ask myself, “Would I want that?” and most likely I say to my self, “NO!”

A teacher and good neighbor of mine came up to me one day and said, “You know what teachers always need—stationery!!” Being that I own a custom invitation company, making personalized stationery was very easy for me. So I did and the teacher loved it. That was 3 years ago and when she sees me she still thanks me for it.

Along with teachers, we find brides are also writing notes to thank their wedding vendors or help. A wedding thank you is usually where the handwriting stops. Writing online reviews and sharing via social media are nice, but a hand written note always stays on the desk or in the top drawer.

digho can create any and all styles of stationery for yourself or a gift. Leaving an impression is always more meaningful!