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Dancing with the invite September 10 2014

This week we would like to highlight one of our favorite invitations. It is based on the idea of ballet shoes. The bride was a former dancer and wanted to put that feel through the invitation without it being too obvious.

The groom loved the idea of their names being an element of art in the invite. This modern monogram was a way to keep the invite light and simple. With the right typography, the names “danced” along the top of the invite.
We find that couples love the idea of a wild ornate script font for their names but pull back from the idea in fear of it not being legible. Having the names as art allows them to repeat their names in a print font to assure legibility. It is a nice combination that keeps everyone happy.
They loved the name art so much that they requested a custom liner that would have their initials in the same style.
We worked with them to have a beautiful palette of colors that wasn’t too pink. The final invitation had a light pink color base, gray typography and elements of pink that matched the ribbon.
This invitation also included a response card, reception card, direction card, inner and outer envelopes.