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A Very Fairy Sweet Sixteen!!! February 23 2015

No matter what the celebration is, the invitation will be an introduction to the imagination of the host. When we sat down with Jessica, we were shocked at how specific and creative her vision was. Every element of design was exactly how she imagined it - fairy inspired magical garden with flowers and vines. This fairy tale event did not leave anything out. The unique liner, 3 diamonds and 2 layer response card came together to become one of our most creative invitations.

This detail of the invitation shows the 3 diamonds that were placed on the invite. In this image you can see that the invitation was laid out with 3 layer metallic layers and many colors that were all the same tone. Using magenta to highlight the event and the birthday girl's name. The event information was colored purple to blend in with its surroundings. Below is another detail image.

Each diamond is individually hand glued. This entire event used over 200 diamonds.

Above is the 2 layer response card with a pink envelope. Mimicking the invitation with the ornate gate frame. Digho provides the addressing service which means all envelopes are addressed to the guest and response envelopes have the receiver address. This allows all the fronts to be the same, creating a unified look.

To keep the design consistent, the thank you card has some of the art elements.

A Hint of Pink Peeking Out of Our Custom Invitation Sleeve.... February 02 2015

This couple was a pleasure to work with... They gave use their vision and loved everything we could do for them. The idea of a custom sleeve that would have the invitation peek through was a favorite for both the bride and groom the minute we sat down. The love of pink and gray allowed us to capture both individuals with a beautiful elegance. The design ideas started with a modern monogram and then the addition of ornate designs gave the invitation an element to highlight the information. Above you can see the invitation outside and inside the sleeve. Behind the sleeve is the envelope. Along with the invitation, the sleeve held the hotel information, direction card and the response card.

The simple elegant design was then used to create a complete package as the pieces created their entire wedding brand.  Above you can see the seating card design, stickers for champagne bottle and cookie box favors,  a thank you poster that was on display throughout the venue and the front and inside of the ceremony program. 

It is always an exciting journey with a bride and groom when they come to us for advice and creative ideas.  Together we shape a look and then create an array of printed pieces that speak to them as well as their vision of their big day.  The result is always so satisfying for us and gives the couple a sense of pride of all the components presented.

The Beautiful Generosity of Love... January 22 2015

The beautiful couple were embracing their second marriages and wanted to just celebrate their happiness with all their friends and family. This was our first and only wedding that the invitation asks for no gifts. They requested a simple invitation that would hold all the information in one combined card. We came up with the idea of an 3 fold accordion invitation. Each flap will have a touch of information eliminating separate multiple cards. Keeping the style of the invitation elegant and traditional. Their colors were green and yellow with a touch of cream. Above you can see the entire invitation with the response card and all the envelopes.

To show a traditional style we used a capital U monogram throughout the invitation. It is ghosted in the background and used as an element of design. Ornate glyphs also were added as accent. You can see a detail above of the first flap with the couples and ceremony information. 

The second flap gave the reception information.


The third flap was a personal note from the couple to express their thanks. It is here that they were able to share their thoughts and give the guests a reminder of how wonderful they are by not asking for gifts.

Each tri fold flap had 2 layers of cover stock to highlight the green and frame the design.

The response card with envelope. Below.

Detail of the inner envelope. Below.

This invitation was completely custom made for Chuck and Rose by digho Invitations!


Oui Oui!!! A French Bridal Shower!! January 06 2015

There is no other way to shower a bride that loves Paris then to bring her chocolates and decorate everything in pink!!! This shower invitation was done with a light introduction of Parisian style leaving the event full of the Eiffel Tower and flower buds everywhere. The mother of the bride wanted to do something special with a very feminine feel. Her daughter loved pink and Paris. The invitation was full of hot pink and soft pinks with a base of gold. Each additional piece (Direction card, Recipe card and Advice card) all had elements of design to link them together.

The table number were Paris locations and the escort cards sat on an Eiffel Tower!

The favors were handmade soaps (alegnasoap.com) and wrapped in white tulle with a touch of pink ribbon.

This event had many different ways to keep the invitation design in all the elements needed. It created an very soft Parisian environment that complimented the bride!!

Thank you cards, movie game cards, soap labels and escort cards are shown above in detail.

Our bundle of joy September 25 2014

It feels like everyone we know including one of our own is expecting a bundle of joy! Working with couples during their wedding planning is always awesome, but when we find out that they are expecting, it’s pure excitement! Watching a couple turn into a family is a beautiful thing and we are lucky we get to experience that.

When a bundle comes into our lives and brings us love and joy, the first thing we want to do is show the world!! There is no better way to show off your beautiful new baby than with a completely unique and custom announcement. They are wonderful to send and exciting to receive.

Above you can see many different styles and shapes of baby announcements. We specialize in using a real photo that we place on layered paper to give the baby image the recipient’s complete attention.

We can make announcements with 1 through 5 layers, having colors and designs going throughout the layers. Shapes are usually square or rectangle. Themes and typography usually go hand in hand to compliment the family style.

Also, in the photo above are envelopes with a single layer of paper that allows the announcement design to peek out of the front of the envelope.

Cruising through a Bar Mitzvah invitation September 25 2014

This week we would like to step away from weddings and show you some other events that we brand. They can range from a Baptism, gala, Bar Mitzvah or grand opening. Depending on how large the guest list is or the budget, branding is event available in many different styles.
When we met with Sam and his mother to start creating a logo for his Bar Mitzvah, he had a drawing ready for us to run with. His vision was to create a car emblem with his initials. The party was to have the style and feel of exotic cars. The logo/emblem that was made for him stayed throughout the entire event.
As you can see below in his Save the Date announcement. The logo is simple and worked as a preview to the the full emblem. This Save the Date was on black cover stock and all the copy was done with a silver foil, giving the true effect of metal.
When discussing the invitations, the details were very important. There was a custom liner to match the exotic car interiors, the stamps were custom made to match the logo and the addresses were in a circle to match the logo emblem. The invite was a large square with 3 layers and a pocket on the back.


The pocket had the direction and accommodation card (below), along with the response card and envelope.


The logo was later used for all the favors and props that were included in decorating the event. Below you will see keychain, yamaka, and t-shirt.


The keychain was attached to the escort card for each guest.

Later the thank you card had the same style and feel as the rest of the event.


This event was tons of fun for us to do. We loved the excitement the family had about the logo and putting it on everything. Later the photographer was able to place the logo on the cover of the album. Sam was very happy and loved everything.

Branding an Unforgettable Wedding September 25 2014

As our company started to grow we realized that we wanted to create more than just the invitation for our parties. The menu, program, escort cards, etc. were all in the same breadth of design. At this point we decided we would be in the business of branding events. Everything the host would let us design, we would!!!

This week we would like to highlight an unforgettable wedding that gave us the ability to brand the event from start to finish. We began with the Engagement Party invitation (below). With only the bride and groom knowing the season of the wedding, we designed a fresh look that left the guest with a hint of a beautiful snowflake. This 3 layer invitation shows the beauty of white space and utilizes the perfect combination of metallic and matte paper. A touch of gray was used to break up the whites and gives the invite it’s modern/elegant look.


We later moved on to the Save The Date announcement (below). The photo was from their engagement shoot with their photographer. The use of a dark image gives a hint to the wedding’s location while creating the copy, “Eat, Drink and be Married,” as a focal point to the joyous time of year for this wedding.


The Engagement Party invitation and the Save The Date announcement both have the same typography style. You will see the consistency run throughout the entire event. Type style, colors, copy, placement and art will all become the iconic elements of branding the event.


Introducing some new color and art, the Bridal Shower invitation had a fun Fall feel. The use of bold earth tone colors give the shower its own feel but still stays true to the previously used elements.


Bridal Shower Thank You card.


Recipe card included in the invitation.


Finally, the Wedding invitation!!! Soft, traditional lace feel with letterpress. Typography and style all originated from the Engagement announcement. The lace design connected to the relationship the bride had with her grandmother. A stunning invite that suits the perfect love story!


Letterpress invite and envelope with gray metallic liner.


Detail of letterpress on the invitation. The effect of the circle in the middle of the lace played a big part of highlighting the bride and groom. Change the typography of the word “to” and the script gives a romantic feel to the two names.


R.S.V.P. card. 


Direction and Accommodation cards.


Thank you message card and Menu waited on the dinner plate for the guests in the dinner area. The Escort card was presented with the lace design in gold changing the color pattern but having the guest name illuminate within the circle.

This is a perfect example of a couple who embraced branding their wedding. Each piece uniquely designed for the specific piece of the wedding but all working together, allowed guests to become familiar with the the modern, elegant traditional feel they felt best expressed their love and big day.

The curve of a wedding invitation September 25 2014

This week would like to highlight an invitation that embraced simple curves wherever it could. Keeping affordability in mind, only small aspects needed to be created to give it an unforgettable impression!

The design has a damask/organic ornate feeling that is light and flows throughout the wedding. The edges of the invitation were shaped to create a round edge. This was repeated on the RSVP card, the information cards and the envelope address pieces to complete the look. 

This combination of curve and hard edge creates a beautiful modern twist. The invitation’s typography mimics this relationship by switching things up and having the body copy in script and the highlighted names in print.

The RVSP card!

The Information cards!

The gorgeous circle magnet Save the Date!

The Program book!

The Menu and Escort Cards!

The Thank you card!

The color focus was navy blue, magenta and cream. This wedding invitation gave guests a perfect indication that they would be enjoying an event full of modern, fun twists while still highlighting all the beautiful traditions expected at a wedding!

The beauty of the simple things!! September 25 2014


This week we would like to highlight an invitation that gives just the right amount of white space with an illustration. Many in this style dominate in either direction, but this invitation was created to respect the environment of both white space and art.

The bride and groom gave specific directions to work with love birds on a tree branch. They wanted something simple that captured the essence of marriage. When designing, we wanted to enjoy the white space as much as the art and they couldn’t agree more.

This invitation showcases the art with supporting space to highlight each piece. It shows that love is as beautiful and engaging as two birds sitting on a branch together. The invitation layout was soft and quiet so your eye is drawn to the names and the illustration… the love birds!!



imageAbove are the program, menu and seating cards. All keep the same format as the invitation with its shape and orientation. The illustration peeks through in areas that allow the elements to stay simple.

All custom from digho invitations!

Let’s have a wedding splash! September 25 2014

In the middle of the summer heat, there is nothing like a wedding celebration on the beach!! Hearing the waves crash while they say, “I do.” Then watching the sunset during cocktail hour and dancing the night away!!

This invitation was for a fishing captain and his “beach lover” bride. They wanted lots of sea art and fun colors (dark blue, aqua blue, light blue, purple and silver.)
When we walked away from our first meeting with them, we had no idea how all this was going to work together. But once we started designing, we “became” them and saw their vision as they wanted it to be. Having a multicolor design can be refreshing for an invitation. Like the sea, many things are happing but they are all part of one family. This wedding invitation came together in just that way. We added color in just the right elements, giving it a hint of excitement.
The invitation was a horizontal, rectangular two fold pocket. On the front is a double-layer tag with a ribbon that wraps around the entire pocket and finishes inside. Once opened the invitation sits on a light purple layer to highlight the event.
A direction card, reception card, and response card all held the invitation style, while the envelopes were a beautiful aqua blue. 
Maybe a little loud for some but just right for them!
Here are a couple other beach invitations from our portfolio.

Keeping it simple with a cool modern style September 25 2014



In our last blog we spoke about modern monograms. This week we would like to show you another example of using typography in a simple way and how it adds a cool modern touch to an invitation.


This was the kind of couple that couldn’t wait to spend their lives together. Their happiness glowed and their love for each other was very apparent. When we spoke about the style of invitation they wanted, they pretty much left the entire design up to us. After multiple versions were presented, they realized that having the initial of the family name was perfect because they couldn’t wait to be a family. 


With all that said, they picked an invitation design that can only be described as simple with a cool modern style. The monogram had a flare of typography that is inviting and exciting.


The V initial was also used in the other elements of the invitations: the response card, accommodation and directions cards. Changing the placement of the initial to work with the surrounding copy is key. A good design needs the art to be visible and invisible at the same time.




Once the invitation was out the bride and groom came back for more!! Below you can see the program, favor charity note with envelope along with the escort card.



Detail of the ceremony program.

Dancing with the invite September 10 2014

This week we would like to highlight one of our favorite invitations. It is based on the idea of ballet shoes. The bride was a former dancer and wanted to put that feel through the invitation without it being too obvious.

The groom loved the idea of their names being an element of art in the invite. This modern monogram was a way to keep the invite light and simple. With the right typography, the names “danced” along the top of the invite.
We find that couples love the idea of a wild ornate script font for their names but pull back from the idea in fear of it not being legible. Having the names as art allows them to repeat their names in a print font to assure legibility. It is a nice combination that keeps everyone happy.
They loved the name art so much that they requested a custom liner that would have their initials in the same style.
We worked with them to have a beautiful palette of colors that wasn’t too pink. The final invitation had a light pink color base, gray typography and elements of pink that matched the ribbon.
This invitation also included a response card, reception card, direction card, inner and outer envelopes.

Communions September 10 2014


This Spring was the first communion season I have experienced since my own communion. With many different styles in dresses, parties and prayers, I was trying to find the perfect match for my daughter’s big day!!

There are some who like to make it is as big as possible and there are others that keep it simple. I would like to think that our style falls right in-between. I wanted to give her everything but keep it simple with an at-home party…
Being in the invitation business makes it hard to keep things simple. I wanted the invitation to feel childlike with the sophistication deserving of a religious honor. I also wanted to remind people that it does take a village to raise a child. My daughter loves church, but heading to religion after a long day of school and the common core was hard for her. As I watched her learn her prayers and remember her gestures, it came to me that this child has so much going on in her little world besides what I saw. I wanted to show that in the invitation.
So I designed an invitation that would reflect her busy world and highlight the honor of her receiving communion.
This invitation has blue letterpress art and typography with a pink foil for the cross and the name. She choose the colors and I think they were perfect.
I wrote the opening words to reflect what she was going through: “With all the activities in a child’s life, only a few stand to be celebrated.”
The invitation also included a celebration card with the reception and RSVP information and a direction card. A ribbon was wrapped around the invite as well.
The photo above also includes the thank you!
Creating a unique custom invitation can be the best part of the celebration.

Stationery September 10 2014


Who still uses stationery??

Our teachers and brides do!!

Some business owners and professionals also use stationery but it is rare these days. There is nothing like a personal note from someone, in their handwriting to make you feel special or important. I know the last time I received a note from someone who thanked me for a great meeting and looked forward to future business ventures, it left an impression with me. I believe many people feel the same way. Emails and texts do keep us connected but a letter always does the trick on a different level.

Teachers receive many useless gifts at the end of the year. I myself have been guilty of handing over a wrapped ceramic apple. But really, what is a teacher going to do with that? I now go out shopping for teachers and before I buy anything I ask myself, “Would I want that?” and most likely I say to my self, “NO!”

A teacher and good neighbor of mine came up to me one day and said, “You know what teachers always need—stationery!!” Being that I own a custom invitation company, making personalized stationery was very easy for me. So I did and the teacher loved it. That was 3 years ago and when she sees me she still thanks me for it.

Along with teachers, we find brides are also writing notes to thank their wedding vendors or help. A wedding thank you is usually where the handwriting stops. Writing online reviews and sharing via social media are nice, but a hand written note always stays on the desk or in the top drawer.

digho can create any and all styles of stationery for yourself or a gift. Leaving an impression is always more meaningful!