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Our bundle of joy September 25 2014

It feels like everyone we know including one of our own is expecting a bundle of joy! Working with couples during their wedding planning is always awesome, but when we find out that they are expecting, it’s pure excitement! Watching a couple turn into a family is a beautiful thing and we are lucky we get to experience that.

When a bundle comes into our lives and brings us love and joy, the first thing we want to do is show the world!! There is no better way to show off your beautiful new baby than with a completely unique and custom announcement. They are wonderful to send and exciting to receive.

Above you can see many different styles and shapes of baby announcements. We specialize in using a real photo that we place on layered paper to give the baby image the recipient’s complete attention.

We can make announcements with 1 through 5 layers, having colors and designs going throughout the layers. Shapes are usually square or rectangle. Themes and typography usually go hand in hand to compliment the family style.

Also, in the photo above are envelopes with a single layer of paper that allows the announcement design to peek out of the front of the envelope.

The beauty of the simple things!! September 25 2014


This week we would like to highlight an invitation that gives just the right amount of white space with an illustration. Many in this style dominate in either direction, but this invitation was created to respect the environment of both white space and art.

The bride and groom gave specific directions to work with love birds on a tree branch. They wanted something simple that captured the essence of marriage. When designing, we wanted to enjoy the white space as much as the art and they couldn’t agree more.

This invitation showcases the art with supporting space to highlight each piece. It shows that love is as beautiful and engaging as two birds sitting on a branch together. The invitation layout was soft and quiet so your eye is drawn to the names and the illustration… the love birds!!



imageAbove are the program, menu and seating cards. All keep the same format as the invitation with its shape and orientation. The illustration peeks through in areas that allow the elements to stay simple.

All custom from digho invitations!

Keeping it simple with a cool modern style September 25 2014



In our last blog we spoke about modern monograms. This week we would like to show you another example of using typography in a simple way and how it adds a cool modern touch to an invitation.


This was the kind of couple that couldn’t wait to spend their lives together. Their happiness glowed and their love for each other was very apparent. When we spoke about the style of invitation they wanted, they pretty much left the entire design up to us. After multiple versions were presented, they realized that having the initial of the family name was perfect because they couldn’t wait to be a family. 


With all that said, they picked an invitation design that can only be described as simple with a cool modern style. The monogram had a flare of typography that is inviting and exciting.


The V initial was also used in the other elements of the invitations: the response card, accommodation and directions cards. Changing the placement of the initial to work with the surrounding copy is key. A good design needs the art to be visible and invisible at the same time.




Once the invitation was out the bride and groom came back for more!! Below you can see the program, favor charity note with envelope along with the escort card.



Detail of the ceremony program.