Invitations About

Diane Marie Palma

1981 - First born to Rose and Joseph Portigiano Jr.

1990 - CBS representative in Bethpage School District Art Show at BHS

1993 - Drawing lessons instead of dance 

1998 - first Photoshop class

1999 - Graduated from BHS and chose LIU CW Post - School of Visual and Performing Arts

1999 - Meet new classmate, turns lifelong friend, turns business partner, Aghogho

1999 - my first art exhibit, Sensation.  WOWSERS.  I am in awe.

2000 - Meet my forever bestie, Maria, in Paulies class.  digho brainstorming begins 2000 - BOLI Gold Certificate of Excellence

2003 - Excellence in Mixed Media Award and Graduate from LIU-CW Post

2003 - Promoted to Barnes and Noble 2589 Department Manager

2004 - Join Maria's art club PAURA

2005 - Move to the Village Bookshoppe which Aghogho eventually buys

2005 - Follow Aghogho to Pratt for my Masters 2005 - THE GATES!!! Central Park, New York City 

2006 - Part time night employee in Newsday's Prepress Department

2007 - Graduate from Pratt

2007 - Promoted to Newsday's Creative Services department

2009 - Move to Huntington 2010 - officially digho, llc

2010 - Join networking group, Reliable Referrals.  Meet Michael Palma

2011 - Long Island's Young Professional Award

2012 - Quit Newsday.  digho.  digho.  digho.  digho.

2012 - First office on Main Street

2012 - digho invitations and digho image marketing

2012 - I said YES!

2013 - Mrs. Diane Marie Palma 

Maria Misko

1979 - Born the youngest of 3 girls.

1986 - Won the 2nd grade national art award. I learned to respect art and how many people don't.

1995 - Met my soul mate who brought art back to my life.

1997 - Started LIU - CW Post.

1998 - Change my major from business to Digital Arts and Design. I found Frida K.

1999 - Started working at Newsday in the Prepress Department

2000 - Met my BFF for life in a painting class. Was asked to start a design company… digho

2001 - Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art with a focus in Graphic Design. Learned the power of color in Mexico City.

2002 - Started an art club - PAURA.

2003 - Started my Masters with Pratt in Venice, Italy - focus in Art History and Technique. Traveled through out italy for the trip of a life time with my soul mate… then we sat on the Spanish Steps in Rome and he asks me to be his life mate!! I said yes… of course I say yes!!!

2004 - Get married. Leave Newsday for the NY Post. 

2005 - Finish Masters at FIT with a focuse in Gallery Retail and Administration.

2006 - I had my Frida… leave NY Post for Newsday.  

2008 - Became the night supervisor of the Creative Service Department.

2011 - I had my Rome… 

2012 - Left Newsday for digho full time.

2014 - PAURA turns 10!!...